We only supply the world with the highest quality of animal feed flavors, minerals and probiotics.  All of our products are manufactured in strict compliance with U.S. Food and Drug Administration guidelines.  They have been inspected and approved to exceed your expectations in quality, safety and freshness!  We are constantly studying the industry to develop new products that will help you grow.

All our products include live naturally occurring bacteria. None of our products contains antibiotics or hormones. None of our bacteria are genetically modified. Each particular strain of the bacteria has been chosen for specific reasons. They are microscopically enclosed in a natural substance to ensure a targeted delivery system for your animal, as well as to maintain their stability and strength. Each product is further enhanced to meet certain challenges of the fawn and deer.

For more information on deer products, please call Justin at 715-415-4472  You can also check out our list of dealers below.
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Record Maker Deer Mineral

Developed in Buffalo County, WI 

Home of the largest racks in the USA.

  • Bigger and Heavier Horns
  • Better Reproduction on does
  • Improves Overall Health
  • Improves Disease Resistance


Record Maker Flavoring

Record Maker Flavoring

These can be added to your deer feed formulations to improve palatability and acceptance.  All our flavors can be used as an attractant or to add to any deer products.  Follow all local and game laws when using these products.

Flavors include:

  • Red Alishious
  • Old Doe
  • Hot Buck

Deer Product Dealers

  • Ace - Ladysmith WI
  • Hanks Farm & Food - Sheldon WI 888-732-3183
  • Hayward Feed & Seed - Hayward WI 715-634-9875
  • Bear Country - Crummond WI 715-739-6645
  • Valentine's Village Store - Hawkins WI 715-585-6343
  • Rive Rock Inn & Bait Shop - Ashland WI 715-682-3232
  • Mommsen Sport - Chetek WI 715-924-4580
  • CWI - Tony WI 715-532-9164
  • Seasonal Power Toys - Birchwood WI
  • Shay Creek Sports - Medford WI 715-748-2855 https://shaycreeksports.com/
  • Cornell Hardware - Cornell WI
  • Flambeau River Outfitters - Ladysmith WI 715-532-0485
  • Rondeaus True Value - Cable WI 715-798-3211
  • Indee Mini Mart - Independence WI
  • Winter Coop - Winter WI
  • Whiskey Ridge - Radisson WI 715-945-2414
  • Romig's Inc - Gilman WI 715-447-8285
  • Northland Foods LLC - Mellen WI 715-274-6336