Regular Inoculant

Multi-Sile II is a crop specific bacteria based inoculant.   We have 4 strains of bacteria and 4 strains of enzymes that cover the entire fermentation process.  Many of our competitors have less.  We are also a heterofermentative and homofermentative inoculant, which means Multi-Sile II covers the entire fermentation process.   This allows the feed to cool quickly and prevents loss of nutrients.  Whatever feed solution you are looking for, we have a line of inoculant that will solve your problems and make better feed.  Water Soluble is available in 50, 100, 200, 250, 500 and 1000 ton packaging.

 Water Soluble

Dry Hay Inoculant

Use on Dry Hay up to 26% Moisture!
Not an acid and non-corrosive.

 Dry Granular

40# High Density Dry Max

40# Bag treats up to 200 ton of crop.

50# Dry Granular

50# Bag treats 50 ton of forage, 70 tons of Corn Silage or 25 tons of Dry Hay

Organic Inoculant

Considered for organic use.

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L. Bucnheri Inoculant

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