Multi-Sile II vs. the competition

Reasons for using

MULTI-SILE II v.s. the competition


  • Multi-Sile Feed will be COOLER.


  •  Multi-Sile II covers the entire fermentation cycle.


  • Multi-Sile II contains 4 strains of bacteria, plus 4 very effective enzymes.


  • Multi-Sile II enzymes help breakdown fibers in the feed so animals get more out of the forage. Example:  High butterfat and higher milk proteins.


  • Multi-Sile II mixes much better than the competition. No whisk needed!


  • Applicators and applicator service: No other inoculant company has our superior support with applicators and parts. Most at no charge.



   Multi-Sile II

The one that’s guaranteed to Improve Animal Performance



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