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Welcome To Multi-Sile II

Deaton Nutrition, Inc. is the proud distributor of Multi-Sile II forage inoculants. We are a small business in the heart of Western Wisconsin with a BIG reach, who is currently serving all of the US as well as Canada and Europe. Our customer base is full of a mix of different types of farms from small beef herds, to large-scale dairy farms, to grain only harvesters. Our customer service is second to none; add that to our superior quality line of inoculants and you have the base of our company.


Multi-Sile II is a high quality forage inoculant that is crop specific and was developed just for our company with help from Strong Microbials, who are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Our product is a blend of 4 strains of good bacteria that are both homo and heterofermentors which mean they cover the entire fermentation process. The 4 different enzymes added help breakdown the fibers in the plants being harvested which in the end helps aide in better animal digestion. Our product also helps the feed stay much cooler during the fermentation process too. Check out our wide range of products as well as L. buchneri and Organic options!


Treating your forage with our product will significantly reduce the heat that is created during the fermentation process due to the unwanted air in the forage. Multi-Sile II is also much more concentrated and our inclusion rate is much lower than our competitions. Once our product is mixed, it lasts up to 48 hours.

We have a brand new product called TopCover.

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