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Welcome To Multi-Sile II

Deaton Nutrition, Inc is the proud company of Multi-Sile II Inoculants.  A small business out of Western Wisconsin with a BIG reach, we are currently serving all of North America and expanding.  Our customer service is second to none and our superior quality line of inoculant is the base of our company.  Multi-Sile II is an all-natural microbial inoculant. Multi-Sile II uses a proprietary combination of multi-species and multi-strain Lactic acid bacteria, Bacilli and enzymes to promote the healthy fermentation of silage. Multi-Sile II causes baled hay to stay green and become more nutritious, while allowing hay to be baled at up to 27% moisture.    Competitive prices, superior product and customer care are what founded our company and keeps it running everyday.

Why Use Multi-Sile II®?

Treating forage with Multi-Sile II® significantly reduces heating due to the presence of unwanted air in the forage. This heating is caused by molds, yeasts and undesirable bacteria which thrive in the presence of air. The damage caused by these organisms can result in losses during the fermentation stage and at feedout. If the bunk is too big for the dairy operations, excess heating can be controlled with using Multi-Sile II with LB+.

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